Newport Castle Hill Inn Proposal | Ryan + Ali

Newport holds a special place in both Ryan and Ali’s hearts. For one thing, it was where they met and began dating about three years ago. And more recently, when Ryan surprised Ali with his marriage proposal at the Newport Castle Hill Inn, it also became the place of their engagement!

One thing I love about my job is getting to know my proposal clients! When I asked Ryan what he admired most about Ali, he had the sweetest answer. He said that he loved “her sense of humor, loyalty and ability light up every room with her infectious smile. We are always laughing when we are together, she is my best friend and couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with her.” After meeting Ali this past weekend, it was easy to see those beautiful qualities shining through!

Ryan proposed to Ali at the lighthouse near the Castle Hill Inn. She wasn’t expecting it at all and could hardly contain her joy and excitement at the thought of spending her future with Ryan! She was also ecstatic about the ring that he had picked out, and couldn’t keep her eyes off of it sparkling in the sunlight.

One thing I loved about their Newport Castle Hill Inn proposal was that their families were so involved. Unbeknownst to Ali, the family had been in the know for months! On the sly, they had been planning flights from Hawaii to Newport and turning off their phone’s tracking apps. They didn’t want her to suspect something was up. And it worked! Ali was totally surprised in the best way possible.

Newport Castle Hill Inn Proposal | Ryan + Ali

Ryan and Ali, it was a pleasure to meet both you and your family and an honor to photograph your proposal. I wish you the best as you plan your future together! I hope you are enjoying the memories and photos of your engagement.

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