couple poses for pictures

Have you ever had an unflattering photo taken of yourself? Of course you have! It’s never fun is it? It’s one of the reasons why some of us like to hide whenever the camera pops out. But here’s some good news: by applying a few simple tricks, you can quickly learn how to pose for pictures.

These 5 tips will help you look good for pictures of all types: senior pictures, casual pictures with friends, family photos, work photos – you name it! The really cool thing is that by making some minor changes to how you position your body when you pose for pictures, it will instantly make you look slimmer and flatter your jawline. Yep, it’s true. And it’s so easy to do! Grab a mirror for some practice and get ready for some awesome photos.

Tips for Picture-Perfect Posing

Tip #1

Instead of standing on both legs equally, shift your weight to the back leg. This will give your body a flattering “S” curve and keep you from looking too stiff and unnatural.

Tip #2

If you’re feeling nervous, you might press your arms into your body. Make a little space between your arms and your body for slimmer, more defined arms.

Tip #3

For women, position yourself at a 45 degree angle to the camera for a natural, flattering look. For men, squaring off to the camera will make your shoulders look broader and more defined.

how to pose for pictures

Tip #4

You might feel a little weird when you do this one, but trust me it looks great! For a more defined jawline and a slender torso, lean forward slightly from the waist.

Tip #5

Minding your posture will help you avoid slumped or rounded shoulders. For a long, lean look, pretend the top of your head is being pulled up by a string.

Bonus Tip

Have fun, laugh a lot, and enjoy yourself! Joy is the key for authentic, beautiful photos 🙂