sample wall art

Wondering what to do with your photos after your portrait session or wedding? Easy. Turn them into beautiful artwork and enjoy them every day!

I believe that the artwork we create together is meant to make you happy every day. It’s destiny shouldn’t be to live on a USB in a drawer somewhere where your forget about it. Rather, it’s meant to be displayed on desks, on walls, and on coffee tables. There, it sparks happy memories and joy-filled smiles for whoever walks by.

That’s why I take the time with my clients after their photo session to sit down with them and to help them think about how they want to display their memories. Then, I help them turn digital files into beautiful, heirloom-quality artwork that they can enjoy daily. It’s a part of my process that I love because it adds a deeply personal touch to my services and it brings so much joy to my clients.

The artwork I create for my clients is not your typical Walmart print! An experienced color technician from a professional lab first checks all of my files for color accuracy before printing. Then, your artwork is printed on high-quality photographic materials. These materials are heirloom quality, designed to last for decades, or even centuries, under proper care and storage.

canvas gallery wrap

Heirloom Prints & Products

Have you thought about how you want to display your artwork after your session? Take a walk around your home and look for some walls that need a little love – now’s a great time to start dreaming, planning and taking some measurements!

To brighten up your living space, I offer a number of high-quality, professional-grade printed products, including unique wall art, collages, framed prints and gallery wraps for you to choose from. If you have any questions about these products or how to choose the best art for your home, please ask me!

fine art wood print

Wall Art Gallery Wrap

Printed on premium canvas and wrapped around a stretcher bar, this piece deserves to be in a gallery!

Fine Art Wood Print

Warm tones and wood grain gives this sustainably sourced wood print a rustic, yet modern vibe.

Mounted Wall Art Prints

Large prints are mounted to a single weight matboard to make them easier to frame.

Handcrafted Layflat Book

Made from premium press paper, these handcrafted, linen-covered books lay flat so all of your images look their best. A variety of cover choices are available so you can create a custom look.

Greeting Cards

Celebrate special moments with gorgeous custom-designed 5 x 7 cards with gold-lined envelopes. Minimum order is 25.

Desk Prints & Gift Prints

Beautiful heirloom prints with a lustre finish. This finish is an eco-friendly, non-flammable coating which provides superior protection against fingerprints and UV exposure, while also enhancing the look of your print. These prints are heirloom quality and boast a Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Digital Files

I upload all digitals ordered to Facebook and Instagram for you to enjoy and share!You may also purchase files individually or bundled.

Quality Matters

Quality matters to me. That’s why I don’t just send you on your way with a handful of digital files to print at your local grocery store kiosk. Read this article and see why printing your images professionally makes a difference!