Shepherd’s Run South Kingstown RI Proposal | Liam + Isabel

In my three years of photographing proposals, this is my first indoor proposal at the Shepherd’s Run South Kingstown RI! I usually recommend staging proposals outdoors where the light is better and the risk of getting caught with a camera is smaller. But, it was short notice in February and my client’s options were limited.

Before the proposal, I explained the limitations of photographing indoors without a flash. I don’t use flash for indoor proposals because it completely ruins the atmosphere (I don’t want to be the paparazzi!) But, without flash, photos tend to be darker with more “noise” or grain to them. Liam understood and accepted the limitations, so from there, I coordinated with the staff at Shepherd’s Run to find out more about the lighting situation.

The staff at Shepherd’s Run were super accommodating and helpful! On the day of the proposal, they showed me around and set me up with a book and a glass of wine so I could look like I belonged at the wine tasting! Liam and Isabel’s proposal was beautiful and they had so much fun tasting wine and taking portraits.

Shepherd’s Run South Kingstown RI Proposal | Liam + Isabel

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