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Should You Hire a Proposal Photographer?

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You’ve found that wonderful someone you want to spend forever with and you want to capture some beautiful memories. You might be wondering whether to hire a proposal photographer or an engagement photographer. And that’s a great question to ask, because there can be a difference between the two. Depending on your situation and your preferences, you might want to hire an engagement photographer instead of a proposal photographer.

What’s the Difference Between an Engagement and Proposal Photographer?

Simply put, a proposal photographer (also known as a surprise engagement photographer) documents the exact moment you pop the question. Your proposal photographer will captures the surprise, the joy, and the excitement in secret. After allowing you to enjoy your intimate moment, the photographer will give you the option to do a mini session. This is where you can take more posed, or stylized, photos together.

An engagement photographer, on the other hand, does not document your proposal. Instead, they offer an engagement session, a stylized portrait session that happens some time after the proposal. An engagement session will help you get to know your potential wedding photographer. It will also help you feel comfortable in front the camera. You’ll learn some basic posing tips and walk away with some fun memories and sweet photos to remember this special time. It usually ends up being kind of like a fun start to a date night!

Is it Better to Take Proposal Photos or Engagement Pictures?

It depends! If you want to remember the raw emotion of the moment she said yes, consider a proposal photographer. One downside however, is that your loved one might not be in the mood for pictures afterward. She might feel anxious that she’s not dressed for the occasion or that her nails aren’t manicured (to show off her sparkly ring!).

If you know that your partner would love a longer, stylized portrait session, an engagement session might be for you. The benefit of an engagement session is that you and your loved one can craft a customized session. This session can include multiple outfits and locations that celebrate you as a couple. Engagement sessions are also more easy-going because they are planned ahead of time. Hair can be styled and nails can be manicured so your lovely lady will feel her best!

If you have any questions about hiring a proposal or engagement photographer in or around Newport, Rhode Island, send me a message – I would be happy to help you!

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