Beach Portraits at Sandy Point Beach | Julia B

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I made things official and started my portrait photography business! When I was first starting out, I offered a bunch of sessions to people willing to be my “guinea pigs.” Julia was one of those people kind enough to volunteer! But I guess it must have been a busy year for both of us because we only just got around to doing her portraits. Julia wanted a joyful, free-spirited session so we planned the photoshoot for sunset at Sandy Point Beach in Portsmouth, RI.

Julia picked out the perfect outfit for her beach portraits – a long, flowy sundress. I brought along a fun, floppy hat for a touch of fun and class and she totally rocked it! To capture that carefree vibe Julia was hoping for, we ditched the shoes and focused on a lot of shots that incorporated movement and laughter. We had a great time and it felt more like hanging out than a portrait session (which is always my goal!)

Julia finished her session with a splash! Wanting to capture that joyful, free-spirited feel she was going for, Julia and her cousin took turns splashing in the Sakonnet River. Just because. And why not- photography should be fun, right?

Beach Portraits at Sandy Point Beach | Julia B

Julia, it was so great to hang out with you and even though it took us a year to make it happen, I’m glad we squeezed your beach portraits in before you headed down South! Wishing you the best on all the adventures waiting for you in South Carolina. Let your light shine!


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