Marriage Proposal at Christmas | Dan + Cait

When Dan’s sister contacted me about a week before Christmas to see if I would be available to photograph his marriage proposal to Cait, I think I screamed and then started crying! And now I’m tearing up again just thinking about it! There’s something extra special about photographing a friend’s marriage proposal, especially when you’ve known them both for over a decade.

Dan wanted to make Christmas extra special for Cait this year and planned for a Christmas proposal in Middletown. Unfortunately with the demands of going to school, finding the time to make all the arrangements necessary for the marriage proposal was hard to come by. After lamenting to his sister about it, she sprang into action to help with ring shopping and contacting me to capture the surprise proposal. With only a few days to go, he found a meaningful ring and we decided on a location for the proposal.

Initially we planned for the marriage proposal to take place at the Christmas tree on Second Beach in Middletown. But a large storm blew through and we thought for sure it was gone! So we made secondary arrangements for the proposal to take place on the rock at Surfer’s End in Middletown.

When I arrived at Second Beach on the day of the proposal, the tree was still there and it was perfectly intact! So I texted Dan to see if he wanted to do it by the tree but got no response. Not sure where the proposal was going to end up, I also marked our secondary spot at the top of the rock. And it was a good thing I did because Dan and Cait popped up shortly after that! I barely had time to get my camera settings dialed in before they were at the Christmas tree.

The proposal didn’t happen then (thank goodness!), so I made my way up the rock and Dan and Cait soon followed. After enjoying the view, Dan got down on one knee, proposed to Cait and presented her with a ring. The ring he chose was a red garnet, which he told her was significant because it represented love, friendship and…commitment. When I saw it, I knew it was perfectly Cait! She said yes and there was lots of love and hugs that followed.

Marriage Proposal at Christmas | Dan + Cait

Cait and Dan, I am SO excited for you guys! Wishing you the best as you plan the rest of your life together 🙂

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