Proposal At Forty Steps Newport RI 02840 | Chris + Keren

After meeting on Hinge the summer before law school, Chris fell in love with Keren. When I asked him what he loved most about her, he shared that he valued her her intellect, her compassion, and her creativity as well as her extroverted and bubbly personality. As long time lovers of Newport, Chris knew that Newport was the place where he wanted to propose to Keren. He planned for his proposal to take place at Forty Steps Newport RI 02840.

In the few days before the proposal, we both worried a bit about the forecast of rain! Fortunately the rain held off, but the weather was so beautiful (it was 60 degrees in February – totally unheard of!!) that the Forty Steps part of the Cliff Walk was absolutely jamming! I arrived early to find the Forty Steps packed with people lingering and enjoying the weather. Great for them, but not great for our plans!

Chris and I exchanged a flurry of texts as he arrived and we came up with a plan B on the fly! Instead of proposing at the Forty Steps itself, we opted for an area off to the side that had a great view of the water. Finding a break in the near constant foot traffic, Chris got down on one knee and asked Keren to marry him. It was a definite yes, with some happy tears in the mix.

Afterwards, while we did some portraits, we shared some laughs when I asked Chris one of my favorite questions – where he had hid the ring! Chris shared that he knew Keren liked to wear his beanies, so he hid the ring in a beanie that he knew she wouldn’t like. And it worked!

Proposal At Forty Steps Newport RI 02840 | Chris + Keren

Chris and Keren, it was such a pleasure to meet you both and an honor to witness your proposal. I hope your proposal photos will bring you much happiness for the years to come and that God will bless you as you being this new journey together!

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