Colt State Park Proposal in Bristol, RI | Anthony + Cali

Anthony first met his now fiancé Cali at a party when he came home form the Marines. He fell in love with her patience, compassion and honesty and described her as “caring, sweet, generous and kind.” He said he knew that she was the one because “she supported me when I needed it most.” In fact, Anthony has known she was the one for a while now. They’ve been dating now for five years, but he’s had the engagement ring hiding now for two years! He wanted to wanted to make sure his proposal was extra special, so he spent considerable time planning it in advance. And so after all his planning, his Colt State Park proposal in Bristol, RI went off perfectly.

Part of Anthony’s plan was to schedule a fall family portrait session with their new dog, Sammy. He wanted to make sure that he could someone photograph his proposal without it being obvious! So we planned a family portrait session at Colt State Park and Anthony and I made a secret signal so that he would know when to get down on one knee! It went perfectly and Cali was completely surprised as Anthony had hoped! After the proposal, we did what we initially said we were going to do and took some couple photographs and family portraits with Sammy!

Colt State Park Proposal in Bristol, RI | Anthony + Cali

Anthony and Cali, it was a delight and an honor to photograph your proposal! I wish you the best as you plan for your future together and I hope these photos will bring you great happiness for the years to come.

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