Downtown Newport RI Photos | Qua + Laquita

Laquita and Qua celebrated ten years of marriage by adventuring through the Northeast. Their travels brought them to Rhode Island, where they scheduled an anniversary photo session in downtown Newport, RI! Laquita knew that she wanted a vintage boat theme for her photos and by the grace of God we were able to make that happen!

When we arrived, we started off their anniversary session in Queen Anne Square near Trinity Church. It’s a gorgeous place for photos in downtown Newport because it has plenty of low lying trees and stone walls for sitting. With the historic church in the background and Laquita’s vintage-inspired outfit, I feel like we nailed the vintage romantic vibe she was going for!

But we still needed a boat to make her vintage boat portrait vision complete! Typically you would have to pay to get photos on a boat, but when we headed down to the Bowen’s Wharf area, I spotted some access to the water by Oldport Marine Services. We beelined to the docks and to our delight, the folks working on the water taxis let us on for a couple pictures at Laquita’s request! God brought an extra dose of joy to this couple by providing the boat for their anniversary portraits!

Downtown Newport RI Photos | Qua + Laquita

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