Little Compton Family Portraits | Burres – Lionberger Family

I always love being invited to take Little Compton family portraits because it’s just such a beautiful area! I generally don’t have an excuse just to drive around and look at beautiful farms, historic homes, and scenic water views, but when I have a family portrait session in Little Compton – I do!

The Burres-Lionberger had the whole family together for the first time in a while and wanted to have some family portraits taken for mom. With three busy boys and rain in the forecast, we had to work quickly so we captured these extended family portraits in record time! All while having fun!

One thing I loved about working with the Burres-Lionberger family was the energy that the boys brought to the photo session! I think it helped create some beautiful candid photos that captured the spirit of this fun loving family. I also loved their outfits! Typically my clients work with a blue color palette for extended family photos, but the Burres-Lionberger family rocked pink, red and white which really brightened up an otherwise gray and rainy day!

Little Compton Family Portraits | Burres – Lionberger Family

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