Lighthouse Proposal at Castle Hill | TJ + Nicole

TJ’s lighthouse proposal at Castle Hill was one of the highlights of my Easter weekend because their joy was so contagious! After enjoying lunch at Ocean Cliff with some family and friends, TJ and Nicole headed over to the lighthouse at Castle Hill. After navigating the somewhat adventurous path down to the lighthouse (in heels no less!), Nicole was completely surprised and overjoyed when TJ took a knee and asked her to marry him! Her response was definitely a yes!

Even though the photography aspect for TJ’s proposal came together on somewhat short notice (we had a week to plan!), I still enjoyed getting to learn a bit about TJ and Nicole’s story, which started back in middle school! TJ related, “We have known each other since 6th grade and went to college together. I knew deep down she was the one in college, but finally made the move to date her after.” (Ah, it’s just so sweet! Just typing that out makes me smile!) When I asked TJ what he loved most about Nicole, he said “her smile, her affection and love for everyone, and her ability to brighten my day at all times.” After meeting her at the proposal, I could easily see those qualities shining through!

Lighthouse Proposal at Castle Hill | TJ + Nicole

TJ and Nicole, it was an honor to photograph your proposal and I wish you both the best as you plan your future together! I hope I will see you guys walking downtown some summer day!

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