Newport Harbor Island Resort Propsal | Eli + Sussan

Eli’s proposal to Sussan was a beautiful celebration of love and family! The two met through a mutual friend – their priest – and hit it off right away. After seven months of dating, Eli had fallen in love with her fun, honest, and loving personality and was ready to ask Sussan to marry him and make it a forever thing. Since both families had yet to meet, Eli’s sister Nadine planned a beautiful weekend in Newport for both sides of the family to meet (and watch the Newport Harbor Island Resort proposal!)

The proposal took place at the Newport Harbor Island Resort on Goat Island. Nadine wanted the day to be as special as possible for Eli and Sussan. So she pulled out all the stops and created a beautiful display in front of the Goat Island Lighthouse in collaboration with Alpha-Lit and A La C’art. You could even see it from the bridge!

The whole family travelled in for the day of the proposal. After an ominous forecast of rain all week, the family was blessed to have sunshine and light clouds for the proposal. Eli and Sussan walked down to the lighthouse with their family trailing behind. When Eli took a knee in front of the lighthouse and presented Sussan with a ring, she was so excited. It was an immediate yes and both families erupted into cheers! It was the perfect start to their weekend in Newport.

Newport Harbor Island Resort Proposal | Eli + Sussan

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