Middletown RI Family Portraits | Catallo Family

With all of their children and grandchildren in the same place at the same time, the Catallo family looked forward to making some memories together and taking some family pictures. We scheduled their Middletown RI family portraits at the house they were renting for the weekend. With three kid four and under, it just made sense!

Turns out it was a good decision because the kids were not loving the cold wind coming off of the water! We tried keeping them toasty with blankets, but it was just too cold. They weren’t digging it. So after doing a couple family portraits outdoors, we moved the party inside. There, the kids warmed up and we got some smiles! Even though the weather wasn’t ideal, I think we captured the joy of this sweet family!

Middletown, RI Family Portraits | Catallo Family Photos

Dear Catallo family, thank you for inviting me to take your family’s portraits this year! It was so much fun meeting your family and I hope you LOVE your portraits!

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