Newport Surprise Proposal at Ledge Road | Zach + Britt

There’s a lot of lovely places to propose in Newport, RI, but I think I have a new favorite thanks to Zach! Zach called me while he was planning a Newport surprise proposal. After considering some other options like the Castle Hill Lighthouse, Zach chose Ledge Road off of Cliff Walk in Newport as the final location. And it was absolutely stunning! A truly memorable place to ask the love of your life to marry you!

During the planning process, I got to hear Zach and Britt’s story. It’s one of the things I love most about my job as a Newport proposal photographer! Zach and Britt’s story started back in undergrad. Zach related,

She caught my eye when volunteering on move in day at school. We started talking on move in day, but soon became separated during the day. I chased after her for months, seeing her around campus and out with friends, until I finally got her number and asked her on a date.”

Turns out all that chasing was worth it, and Zach knew early on that she was the one because the two “shared similar passions for life” and according to Zach their “relationship just came so easy.” When I asked Zach what he loved most about her, he cited her eyes, her humor, and her caring personality.

During the week of the proposal, Zach and I fretted about the weather a time or tow. Thankfully, the possibility of rain clear3ed up and left us with just wind! It was chilly, but Zach’s Newport surprise proposal to Britt at Ledge Road heartfelt and touching, and I think it warmed all of us up!

Newport Surprise Proposal at Ledge Road | Zach + Britt

Zach and Britt, I wish for you the happiest season of engagement and a wonderful future together. It was an honor to photograph your proposal and pleasure to meet you both!

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