Outdoor Professional Portraits | Andrea R.

A lot of times people think that having professional portraits taken for work will be stiff, awkward and boring. And I suppose it could be… but that’s not how I like to do photography! I am a firm believer that photography should be fun. Yes, even professional portraits and headshots. In fact, if I don’t make you bust out laughing at least once during your session, I feel like I’m not doing my job!

One way that I like to make portrait sessions more fun is to work outside. Most people feel way more comfortable outside than they would inside a studio! Being outside allows for more variety and movement, which always makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Recently I had the privilege of taking professional portraits for my friend Andrea who was starting a new job. We had so much fun! I loved how much diversity we were able to create in her session, even though it took place in my backyard in Portsmouth with my two little kids running underfoot. Through changes of location, outfit, and posing, we ended up with a full gallery of over 80 photos! Who says headshots have to be boring?

Outdoor Professional Portraits | Andrea R.

Andrea, thank you for giving me the honor of taking your professional headshots for work. I loved every minute of our time together, even the craziness of having my kids on site with us. You totally rocked your session and I hope you absolutely love your photos! May God bless you as you start your new job!

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