Romantic Sunset Cruise in Newport, Rhode Island | Connor + Kristen

If you’re looking for romantic places to propose in Newport, you might want to take some notes from Connor. He totally nailed his surprise marriage proposal to Kristen, which took place on a sunset cruise in Newport, Rhode Island.

After picking out the perfect ring (simple, but gorgeous!) Connor booked a private charter on the sailboat Calypso through Pineapple Sailing and gave me a call! Usually I give guys a lot of help walking through the planning process and timeline, but Connor and Captain Steve were totally on top of things and had a great plan in place!

The sunset cruise started with a tour of Newport Harbor. Connor and Kristen had a great view of the harbor, enjoying the scenery and mixed drinks from a comfy place on the bow. When we got to Brenton Cove, we paused to take some pictures. And wouldn’t you know it – Connor had a ring in his pocket! When he got down on one knee and asked Kristen to spend forever with him, it didn’t take long for her to say yes!

Afterwards, the couple enjoyed a delicious-looking charcuterie board and dessert while taking in views of the sunset and the Newport Bridge.

Proposal on a Romantic Sunset Cruise in Newport, Rhode Island

Connor and Kristen, I hope you absolutely LOVE your photos. It was an honor to be a part of, and witness to, your proposal! I wish you the best as you plan your future together.

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