Portsmouth Portrait Photographer | Robin C

One thing I love about being a portrait photographer is having the opportunity to help people remember and celebrate their milestones, life changes, and accomplishments.

Oftentimes people think about hiring portrait photographers for the big life events like senior or college graduations. But there are plenty of other great reasons to celebrate and have professional portraits taken of yourself!

  • Achieve a significant weight loss or fitness goal? Let’s do some portraits to celebrate your accomplishment!
  • Make it through a difficult or challenging season of life? Take the opportunity to get dressed up and to look and feel amazing!
  • Moving to a new state? Plan a night out and make some memories with friends.

Recently I had the opportunity to take some portraits for my friend Robin. Over the past year or so, she had been through a period of significant life change and difficulty. But thanks to God and her faith, she’s moving forward. We took these portraits to celebrate her successes and God’s faithfulness and provision through this season.

There’s a lot of great locations in Portsmouth for portraits. But the location we chose was a sentimental one for Robin: Island Park Beach. Robin had many fond memories of walking this beach and looking for heart-shaped rocks, shells, and sea glass. So choosing this location was absolutely a no-brainer!

I really enjoyed this session with Robin and we had a lovely time catching up and sharing some laughs.

Portsmouth Portrait Photographer | Robin C

Robin I hope you love your portraits and that they will remind you of your successes and God’s faithfulness for years to come.


Schedule a no-obligation phone call and learn about your options for portraits in Portsmouth. I can’t wait to talk with you and help you plan the perfect session!