Brenton Point Engagement | Jae + Jenny

Photographing Jae and Jenny’s Brenton Point engagement this past week was an absolute joy! Jae contacted me a week or two before his Newport proposal because he felt that his engagement to Jenny was “one of the most important and precious moments of our lives” and he wanted “to be able to remember and cherish it forever!”

After dating for almost seven and a half years (or eighty eight months as Jenny put it!), Jae told me he has come to love Jenny’s “kind and considerate, warm, and generous” personality as well as “her intelligence and her love and devotion to our families.” He told me that with their shared values and outlook on life, “every day I feel so grateful to share my life with her!”

Though we were threatened with thunder on the day of the proposal, the skies cleared up just in time for a beautiful sunset at Brenton Point. After Jae walked Jenny over to a bouquet of roses left for her on the beach, he shared a meaningful moment with her on the beach before presenting her with a diamond ring. Jenny’s response to Jae’s proposal was a heartfelt and joyful yes!

Brenton Point Engagement | Jae + Jenny

Jae and Jenny it was such a pleasure to meet you both and an honor to photograph your proposal! I hope these photos will bring you much happiness for years to come.

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