Brenton Point State Park Proposal | Kevin + Lily

Kevin’s Brenton Point State Park proposal to Lily was a beautiful celebration of love and God’s kindness!

Kevin called me several weeks before the proposal because he wanted to have photos that would “capture a glimpse of God’s love in our relationship that we can share with family and friends.” As a fellow follower of Jesus, I was happy to help Kevin bring this vision to life!

When I asked Kevin what he loved most about Lily, his answers were touching…and well, the last one made me laugh! He said he loved how “she loves and worships God extravagantly, pours out generously to so many around her, and she’s just as sarcastic as I am.”

The story of how they met and how he knew she was the one was just as special! Kevin shared:

We met at church and became friends a few years ago, but hadn’t considered dating each other until earlier this year. After we both went through fruitful seasons of singleness, I desired to find a potential wife who: 1) had an aligned vision for God’s calling (to pour into younger generations in Boston) and 2) continually spurred me on to holiness. Lily emphatically met both of those criteria. To be honest, we were both skeptical that either of us would share any romantic interest, but after much prayer, I had peace about pursuing her and she had peace about getting to know me more deeply. It became clear very quickly that God had put so many shared desires and visions in our hearts, how the differences in our giftings and how we experience God were complementary, and that we shared a sense of humor. Lo and behold, it was God’s kindness that those “romantic feelings” we were initially skeptical of quickly and evidently followed suit. I know she is “the one” because we both (along with many in our community who have been walking alongside us) experience God’s peace in moving towards marriage.

With such a strong and beautiful foundation for their relationship, their engagement at Brenton Point was sweet and joyful time of celebration of the good things that God has done, and is continuing to do in their lives.

Brenton Point State Park Proposal

Kevin and Lily, I pray that you continue to build your relationship on the firm foundation that is Christ as you prepare for marriage. When challenges come, as they always do, keeping walking in obedience and practicing patience and kindness with each other. Wishing you many years of happiness and service together to the Lord!

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