Beavertail Lighthouse RI Proposal | Lucas + Madeline

After dating for a number of years and becoming fur baby parents together, Lucas was excited to ask Madeline to marry him at the Beavertail Lighthouse RI. When I asked him what he loved most about his soon-to-be fiancé, he had so many lovely things to say! Even though his answer was in written form, I could sense his enthusiasm:

“Madeline is incredibly sweet and caring, not to mention we love each other’s sense of humor. Madeline is slightly reserved, but always willing to go on new adventures! I absolutely love how much she loves to spend time together. We do everything together with our puppy Nelly. I also love her sense of humor, and she makes me laugh and smile every single day. Lastly, I love her sweet and subtle way of making me feel comfortable in any situation. She is the most loving person ever!!!”

Lucas knew he wanted to make his proposal to Madeline special. He toyed with the idea of proposing on a boat, but thought that Madeline might figure it out. And of course he wanted it to be a surprise! Instead, he planned a proposal at Beavertail Lighthouse RI a day before the sunset cruise. He told me, “Madeline means everything to me! She has always said she wanted to be proposed to with an amazing backdrop of the water, so I thought this was the perfect place.”

He was right! Beavertail was the perfect place because not only is it a dog friendly place for a proposal, but it also has an unbeatable view of the water! On the day of the proposal, the couple took their dog Nelly out for a walk “to wear her out.” After checking out the lighthouse, Lucas proposed on the rocks by the lighthouse. And Madeline said yes!

Beavertail Lighthouse RI Proposal | Lucas + Madeline

Lucas and Madeline, it was an honor to photograph your engagement and I hope you will both treasure this special memory and your photos. Wishing you the best as you plan your future together!

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