Brenton Point State Park Proposal | Sanjay + Puja

Sanjay called me about a week before his surprise proposal to Puja. He planned for the proposal to take place at Fort Adams State Park in Newport. But when I arrived at Fort Adams to set up the proposal, I was dismayed to find that it was completely taken over by a sailing event scheduled to take place the next day! We made a quick switch over to Brenton Point State Park and I quickly started looking for a new location.

After the extremely last minute location change, I think both Sanjay and I were nervous for his proposal to Puja! Despite the initial logistical challenges, I found a great location at the park on the shoreline and he found me. The proposal proceeded as planned and Puja said yes! I think even their dog was smiling.

One thing I loved about Sanjay and Puja’s engagement at Brenton Point State Park (other than the fact that they brought their dog Mojo!) was learning the story of how they connected. Sanjay told me that he and Puja were family friends growing up, but lost touch for a number of years before reconnecting. When I asked him how he knew that she was the one, he said “I think I knew from the first date that this was it for me, but it probably took me longer than she may have liked to get to the point of proposing!” Sanjay also shared that he loved her “kind, gregarious, loving, and sociable” personality and how “she focuses on making everyone around her happy and she always goes above and beyond for everyone.”

Brenton Point State Park Proposal | Sanjay + Puja

Sanjay and Puja it was a delight to photograph your proposal and I wish you the best as you plan your future together! I hope I will see you and Mojo downtown someday!

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