Surprise Engagement in Newport | Brian + Amanda

After dating for over four years, Brian was ready to pop the question and planned a surprise engagement in Newport at Castle Hill. Brian took Amanda to the Castle Hill Inn for “dinner,” even though he actually had a reservation at a different restaurant! They were too early for their “reservation”, so it was the perfect time to check out the sunset from the lighthouse at Castle Hill. Despite the somewhat steep and winding walk to the lighthouse, Amanda made it down there in heels.

The hike was worth it when she arrived at the lighthouse to find the candles and florals that were waiting for her. As she walked down the candle-studded path she realized they were for her! Brian got down on one knee in front of the lighthouse and Amanda said yes!

Amanda didn’t know it yet, but that was only the beginning of the surprises that Brian had planned. About halfway through our portrait session following the surprise engagement, both Brian and Amanda’s family showed up! Seeing Amanda’s joy and surprise was definitely one of my favorite moments of the proposal. After some additional portraits and family photos, Amanda learned of the last surprise: dinner at Jo’s American Bistro on Memorial with the family to celebrate.

Surprise Engagement in Newport | Brian + Amanda

Brian and Amanda, thank you for allowing me the honor of capturing your proposal! Wishing you the best as you plan your future together!

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