Goat Island Lighthouse Proposal | Santino + Christina

One thing I love about being a proposal photographer in Newport, RI is having the opportunity to help gentlemen from around the country plan their proposals in Newport. As a local, I have insight into pros and cons of the different places to propose in Newport and I love helping guys choose one that will be a good fit for one of the most special moments of their lives. This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Santino’s proposal to Christina at the Goat Island Lighthouse!

One thing that I loved about Santino and Christina’s story is that it started in preschool…because that’s where they first met! (Though they obviously didn’t start dating that early of course!) Over the years their friendship grew and they started dating in high school. When I asked Santino what he loved most about her, he shared that he appreciated her kindness, her bubbly personality, and her looks. I also asked him how he knew she was the one and he said “I know she’s the one because when I’m apart from her, my heart hurts and because I cannot think about living a day without her.”

That strong, heartfelt emotion could be sensed even by an onlooker such as myself when Santino knelt down by the Goat Island Lighthouse and asked Christina to marry him. Christina’s response was equally full of genuine affection and love – it was a yes of course!

Goat Island Lighthouse Proposal | Santino + Christina

Santino and Christina, it was an absolute joy to witness and photograph your proposal! Wishing you the best as you plan your future together. I can tell you’ve got a firm foundation for your relationship – friendship – so I pray you will always be the very best of friends.

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