How to Pick A Wedding Photographer

Deciding to hire a wedding photographer is an important decision. After all, you will be able to enjoy your photos and wedding album long after the flowers wither and the cake is eaten! But, more than likely, you’ve never had to hire a wedding photographer before! So how do you pick the best wedding photographer for you? Here are four things to consider when you are looking to pick a wedding photographer.

1. Know Your Wedding Photography Style

Like any form of art, wedding photography takes on different styles. From the way that the images are captured, to the way they are edited, one wedding photographer’s work will differ from the next. It’s important to choose a photographer with a style you enjoy. Here are some of the popular styles of wedding photography:


Traditional photos are the more formal, posed portraits where everyone is smiling and facing the camera. Bridal parties and family portraits are often composed using this style. These are the classic shots that usually make it into the album!


Photojournalistic wedding photography, also known as documentary or candid photography, is less formal than the traditional style. Candid wedding photographers tend to be unobtrusive. You likely won’t have those epic staged shots that require direction, posing and planning, but you will have raw and authentic emotion and action captured discreetly from behind the scenes.


Editorial wedding photography is the most technical style of wedding photography. Photographers with an editorial style are hands on, directing and posing clients to create work fit for a magazine.

My Wedding Photography Style

My wedding photography style is a happy blend of traditional, fine art and candid. It’s the perfect style for warm-hearted couples who want fun and meaningful memories of their wedding day. I provide some styling and direction, but not so much that you’ll feel stiff, stuffy or over-posed. I also capture those important styling details in an artistic and attractive way.

2. Choose Your Editing Style

Another thing to think about when you pick a wedding photographer is the photographer’s art or editing style. Photographers’ work fall on a spectrum from dark and moody to bright and airy. Within these styles, photographers will have their own twists, like muted colors or bold colors. You want to make sure you love your wedding photographer’s art style. If you plan to hang canvases or custom wall art, consider choosing a photographer with a style that complements your home décor.

Dark & Moody

Dark and moody photographers use light and shadow in dramatic ways. Photographers with a dark and moody style often choose darker backgrounds and the work feels more “moody.” Sometimes this style has bright and bold coloring. Other times, the colors are more muted and subdued. It depends on the photographer. Dark and moody wedding photography is favored for boho weddings and adventurous elopements.

Bright & Airy

Bright and airy wedding photographers aim for light and bright images. Photographers with a bright and airy style will look for light, bright backgrounds. Sometimes the work takes on pastel coloring, other times it is more brighter and more vibrant. Because this style of photography is often soft and romantic, it is a favorite among wedding photographers.


Timeless wedding photography is the most true to life style. Wedding photographers with a timeless style edit their images to have a natural coloring and feel.

Whichever style you prefer, when you want to pick a wedding photographer, look for consistency of style across their images.

My Editing Style

My wedding photography style tends towards the bright and airy, with muted greens yellows and oranges. I also look for bright backgrounds to give a lighter feel to my images. But, I still like my images to look realistic. If you like this style, you can even do certain things while planning your wedding to achieve a bright and airy look.

3. Pick Your Personality

The third thing to think about when you want to pick a wedding photographer is your personalities. If you’re going to spend one of the most important days of you life with someone, you want to like them, right? If you are quiet and introverted, you might not want a peppy, bubbly wedding photographer. You might prefer someone a little more reserved. But, if you thrive off of other people’s energy and excitement, an outgoing extroverted photographer would be a great choice!

It’s important to make sure you like your wedding photographer as a person. This is one reason that it can be helpful to schedule an engagement session. An engagement session is a fun, laid-back portrait session where you and your partner create beautiful memories together (and show off that ring!) As an added bonus, you’ll get to know your wedding photographer and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It usually ends up being a fun start to a date night!

Other ways to get to know your wedding photographer include reading their about page, following them on social media, or picking up the phone and giving them a call!

My Personality

I’m really laid-back and friendly. I love making new friends and building relationships with my clients. I hope that I’ll see you again and again, like when the baby arrives or when that same baby turns into a senior 18 years later!

4. Decide On Your Price

The fourth thing to consider when you want to pick a wedding photographer is pricing. The Knot recommends setting aside at least 12% of your wedding planning budget for photography and videography. Everyone’s budget is different though, so there’s no hard and fast rule on how much to spend on your wedding photography. Here’s a few things to consider when you are shopping for your wedding photographer:

  1. Different photographers offer different experiences and packages, so you won’t be comparing apples to apples. For instance, some offer digitals only, other packages come with an album, prints or wall art. Some photographers break their packages into hourly increments, others only offer full day. Keep this in mind as you look for your wedding photographer.
  2. High price doesn’t necessarily translate to better quality. In many cases it does, but sometimes not. Likewise, low price can suggest lower quality, but not always. The best thing to do is look through a photographer’s gallery to see if they have high-quality, consistent work that you like.
  3. If there’s one area of your wedding budget to stretch on, I’d suggest photography or videography. (And not just because I’m a wedding photographer!) The music will fade and the dress will go to the back of your closet, but the wedding album will be hanging out on your coffee table forever. Some day your kids will be looking through your album and marveling at how beautiful (and young!) mom and dad look. And you’ll get to tell them your beautiful love story all over again.

My Wedding Photography Pricing

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Rhode Island and you’re loving what you’re reading, give me a call. Or, head on over to my wedding page for the latest info on pricing and availability. I look forward to speaking with you.

I hope these tips were helpful for you as you search for your wedding photographer. Head on over to the blog for more wedding tips and inspiration. I wish you all the best on this exciting journey!


If you’ve chosen your date and venue, then choosing your wedding photographer is your next step next. Schedule a no-obligation phone call and let’s chat about your special day!