Lighthouse Proposal at Castle Hill | Sam + Rachel

While not natives to Newport, Newport, and especially Castle Hill, holds many fond memories for Sam and Rachel. So when Sam decided to ask Rachel to marry him, it was only natural to plan a lighthouse proposal at Castle Hill! When the day arrived, Sam and I spent a half an hour nervously texting back and forth (and wondering if we would have to change plans!) because there was a wedding party doing a first look at the Castle Hill Lighthouse.

But the timing worked out perfectly and the wedding party moved on so Sam had plenty of privacy and space for his proposal to Rachel. When Sam got down on his knee in front of the lighthouse, Rachel was 100% surprised! The surprise was even sweeter because the ring Sam chose was incredibly beautiful and meaningful. The stone for Rachel’s ring was originally her grandmother’s.

What I loved most about this proposal was how heartfelt it was. From choosing to use her grandmother’s ring as the engagement ring and asking her father’s blessing on the marriage (on Father’s Day no less!), Sam’s love for Rachel was evident in the details. It was clear that Sam and Rachel had a beautiful connection with each other.

After making time for some portraits, Sam and Rachel went up to the Inn at Castle Hill to cool off, relax and enjoy some drinks. Then, it was time to celebrate with the family who were in town for the occasion!

Lighthouse Proposal at Castle Hill | Sam + Rachel

Sam and Rachel, I can tell you’ve got a good thing going on and I’m so happy for you guys! Keep on loving, forgiving and laughing your way through marriage and it will be great! Wishing you the best on your newest adventure. I hope you enjoy the memories and photos of your proposal for years to come!

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