Middletown Family Portraits | Karger Family

On a trip from London to the United States, the Karger family made a stop in Rhode Island for their family vacation. After doing seaside portraits on their last vacation, the Karger family wanted a different vibe for their Middletown family portraits. After talking over the options, the Kargers chose Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI as the location for their family portraits. Catching the sunset was important to them, and they wanted the sunflower fields of the farm as the backdrop for their family photos.

Unfortunately, as we found out at the last minute, Sweet Berry Farms closes before sunset and we had to change out plans on the fly! So we ended up doing portraits at their relatives house right down the street. With the great light from the sunset and the grassy fields in front of the house, I think the portraits turned out just as nice as they would have at Sweet Berry. And the Kargers didn’t even have to travel!

Laughter and a healthy dose of silliness are some of the key ingredients for awesome family pictures! And we definitely had lots of laughter and silliness, playing games, running races, and of course, smiling for photographs!

Middletown Family Portraits | Karger Family

Karger family, I hope you enjoy your photos and the rest of your time in Rhode Island! It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope I’ll see you next time you’re stateside.

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