Middletown Proposal on the Beach

One thing I love about being a proposal photographer in Middletown is having the opportunity to meet awesome couples like JT and Laura and hearing their love stories! JT and Laura’s love story, culminating (so far!) in their Middletown proposal on the beach, has been one of my favorites so far this year. Here’s how JT described it:

We met through mutual friends in college. At first we were friends, but I could not stop thinking about her. Eventually I got the courage to ask her out and we started dating after she graduated. I was still in school so I would see her as much as I could between her working and me in school and sports. Somewhere along the line while I was driving 2 hours one way from RI to CT to see her multiple times a week, it hit me that I loved this girl and I would do anything for her. Fast forward to now we live in MD together and have two dogs and an apartment together and every day I feel so lucky to have her in my life. There wasn’t a single moment that made me realize, but the longer we have been together the more in love with her I am and I don’t want to wait any longer to make it forever. She is the one, and we will always be better together.


Amazing, right? But it gets better.

I also asked JT what he loved most about Laura. He said “Besides being beautiful inside and out, I love that she is a social butterfly, gives her all to friends and family, and is my best friend. She’s a ray of sunshine: kind, caring, compassionate, very outgoing and lights up whatever room she is in.”

JT’s proposal took place on top of the rock at Sachuest Beach on Surfer’s End. JT wanted it to be extra special, so we planned for some decorations: white roses and candles. Laura was completely surprised, but she said yes! She loved her ring, a simple but elegant oval diamond on a gold band. Afterwards, the couple enjoyed a portrait session on the beach with plenty of smiles and a little bit of rock climbing. We even saw a mermaid.

Middletown Proposal on the Beach

JT and Laura, it was so wonderful to meet you both and an honor to capture your proposal. I hope these photos will bring you tremendous happiness for the years to come. Congratulations on your Middletown engagement!

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