Middletown RI Family Photos | Sandrowski Family

Family photos at the beach are always a treat! One of my favorite spots for Middletown RI family photos is Second Beach, also known as Sachuest!

Not only are the views fantastic, but there’s a little shady spot off to the side of Surfer’s End. This shade is so helpful for families with young children who want portraits on the beach in Middletown! In order to avoid the unpopular squinty-eyed look, I typically schedule family portrait sessions about an hour before sunset. This is because the light is less intense.

However, in the summer, this could be around 7 o’clock! As a mom of three little people, I totally understand the bedtime meltdown scenario. This little block of shade at Second Beach allows us to capture beautiful portraits on the beach, without waiting until after 7 pm to do it! A lifesaver for many families.

This past week I had the privilege of photographing the Sandrowski’s family photos. It was the first time in a long time that the whole family was together, so capturing some sweet memories on the beach was a top priority! The family arrived in coordinating blues and after our session was finished, the kids got to spend a little time splashing in the water! Always a good ending to beach family portraits.

Middletown RI Family Photos | Sandrowski Family

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