Goat Island Lighthouse Proposal | Mason + Allison

Mason contacted me about a week before his Goat Island Lighthouse proposal to Allison. He told me that “This will be one of the most important days of my life and I want it to be captured to help us remember it well.”

In our initial communications, Mason described Allison as empathetic, thoughtful, and funny. He also told me the story of how they met and how he knew she was the one!

We met in college at a function with my fraternity and her sorority. We went on a date two days later where we played music for each other at her school. She played the flute which she studied and she was surprised to find that I was a proficient piano player despite being an engineering student.

Having once been an engineering student myself, his answer made me chuckle (because I totally understood), but only for a second because I kept reading and my laugh turned into an “Awww”:

I know she is the one because of how we support each other so perfectly by filling in each others gaps, and because she makes my life so much happier and more rewarding.

He went on to share that “I love how much she cares about other people, even those she doesn’t know. I love how she is so committed to her friends and family, she always goes the extra mile to help no matter how difficult it is. I love her sense of humor and confidence, she has cultured me and brought me out of my shell.”

After hearing all of these lovely things about Allison, I couldn’t wait to meet her! On the day of the proposal, Mason walked Allison down to the lighthouse at Goat Island and asked her to be his wife. It was a definite yes!

Goat Island Lighthouse Proposal| Mason + Allison

Mason and Allison it was a delight to meet you both! Wishing you both the best as you plan your futures together. I hope that your marriage will be sweet and harmonious 😉

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