Newport Private Charter Proposal | Chris + Liz

Chris was determined to pull out all the stops when it came to planning his engagement to Liz, so he planned a Newport private charter proposal through Pineapple Sailing! He told me, that:

“I want Liz to feel as special and as important as she possibly can. I want it to just be an unforgettable moment where she feels I planned the special day just to exceed any expectation she would’ve had. I want it to be something she looks back on and can still feel and relive through the photos”…even though “she would be happy if we did it in a Dairy Queen getting ice cream.”

When I asked him what he loved most about Liz, he shared how he loves “her smile…how infectious her personality is…and the way she can just always make me happy…She makes me whole, and I couldn’t imagine this life without her. She is home to me.”

(Anyone else tearing up yet or is it just me??)

On the day of the proposal, there was not only rain, but also THUNDERSTORMS in the forecast. Rain, thunderstorms, cameras, and boats definitely don’t mix, so I think Chris and I were probably freaking out a bit! (Ok, maybe a lot!) Thankfully, with a delayed start and a change in boats, we made it out on the water for a sunset cruise on the boat called Island Time. Chris and Liz enjoyed their boat ride, then just before sunset Chris asked Liz to marry him. And it was a definite yes! The folks at the Rose Island Lighthouse erupted in cheers as we sailed by, adding to their celebration!

Newport Private Charter Proposal | Chris + Liz

Congratulations Chris and Liz! Wishing you a bright and beautiful future together. Thanks for allowing me the honor of capturing your surprise proposal.

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