Proposal On a Cruise from Ocean House on Watch Hill | Jordan + Adrianna

Jordan executed a beautiful and thoughtful proposal aboard a cruise from the Ocean House on Watch Hill this past Friday. After dating for several years and making it through the pandemic, Jordan knew that Adrianna was the one! When I asked him what he loved the most about Adrianna, he had a long list of things to share:

“I love her work ethic; I love that she’s family-oriented; I love her smile and her olive complexion; I love her bed-time stories that keep me up at night; I love that we have similar life goals and that we have the same taste in food!”


Jordan planned his surprise proposal to take place aboard a cruise from the Ocean House on a boat called the Dandy. Towards the end of the two hour luxury cruise, Jordan asked Adrianna to be his wife. And she said yes! She had been sensing that something special was going to happen that day, and she was right! Afterwards, the couple celebrated with champagne and enjoyed the rest of the cruise.

When the boat landed at the dock, the newly engaged couple was greeted enthusiastically by some of the most important people in their lives – their parents! It was a beautiful celebration of love and family and the beginning of two families becoming one.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a romantic proposal on Watch Hill, I definitely recommend taking some notes from Jordan!

Proposal On a Cruise from Ocean House on Watch Hill | Jordan + Adrianna

Jordan and Adrianna, it was an honor to witness and photograph your surprise proposal. I hope you absolutely love your photos and I wish you the best as you plan your future together. With your commitment to family and each other, I think you’ve got the “stuff” to make it work and to stick it out through whatever comes your way.

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