Planning a Marriage Proposal in Newport? Here’s 5 Things to Consider

winter proposal at harbor island resort

When it comes to planning a marriage proposal, it’s a good idea to think everything through carefully. I’m a firm believer that when it comes to surprise engagements and marriage proposals, she’s the only one who should be surprised! That’s why when I photograph proposals, I work with my clients to help them think through their plans so that we can catch the best light and avoid potential mishaps. We even go location scouting together! Here’s a few of the things that I think about when working with my clients planning to photograph a marriage proposal.

1. Check the Weather

Though we all hope for a warm, sunny proposal, sometimes that’s simply not how it plays out! Consider planning an indoor and an outdoor location so you don’t have to get down on one knee in the rain. Another thing to think about is the wind. If you propose on the waterfront in Newport, you might have to contend with the wind whipping her hair around a bit. A sheltered area might be better for pictures.

2. Call Ahead

I’m a big believer in researching and planning. If you are proposing on private property, like a hotel or a restaurant, it’s a wise idea call ahead, especially if you are going to hire a surprise engagement photographer! You don’t want to find out that the restaurant is closed or that the hotel has photography restrictions you didn’t know about. That could throw a wrench in your plans!

3. Mask Regulations

If you propose during COVID, it’s important to consider whether or not mask regulations are in effect at the location you choose. Recently, I had a client who wanted to propose at the Newport Mansions. However, he didn’t realize masks were required at all times when indoors. Not good if you want to see your girlfriend’s face and capture her priceless expression!

4. Consider the Season

Newport is home to about 25,000 people. However, in the summer time, it is jamming! Between the influx of sailors, wedding parties, and tourists, the population easily triples, and sometimes quadruples in the warmer months. Sidewalks are busy and people are moving about everywhere in the summer and it can be hard to find a secluded place for a proposal. If you would like your proposal in Newport to be quieter and more private, consider a trip down in the late fall or winter. In the months leading up to Christmas, the festive decorations in the downtown are stunning and the crowds are gone. It’s the perfect backdrop for your Newport proposal!

5. Time it Right

The time of day is also something to consider when planning a Newport proposal. If you time your proposal right, you can catch a gorgeous sunset or sunrise on the water. What could possibly be more romantic? Here’s a handy calculator so you can determine the time of sunrise and sunset any time of year. An hour after sunrise and before the sunset are considered the “golden hour” of photography. If you schedule your proposal during these times, we can catch that golden, glowy light.

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